Hello, and greetings from The South. If this is your first visit to the site, feel free to take a look around, and make yourself at home. The author struggled to make a decision recently but eventually agreed to give her friend’s advice a chance. Cathy shall attempt to blog in the third person from here on out, or until she feels awkward enough to return to 1st person lingo.

With that being said, Cathy’s still reeling from an eventful New Years Celebration. First, she began the night at The Boro Bar and Grill located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A band called Megajoos was set to perform at midnight, so Cathy felt compelled to attend in support of her boyfriend, Keegan, the bass player. The bar swelled with local, greasy hipsters chugging beers, smoking cigs and playing catch up before the ball dropped. Most of the sludge rock bands fit the mood with grimy punk-rock rifts and Cathy couldn’t hide her enthusiasm when Dark Horse covered Wang Chung’s Dance Hall Days.

Cathy welcomed the new year double-fisting: Beer in one hand, champagne in the other. Keegan shared a warm embrace with his admirer, as she gleefully shrieked “Happy New Year!!!” She couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate than her boyfriend on stage with best friend in tote. Dustin made an appearance and so did Liza, along with many more of Cathy and Keegan’s friends, but mainly the bar teemed with local hipsters, most of which Keegan seemed to know.

Afterwards, Cathy and Dustin left The Boro to pursue other parties. They landed at Kooch and Marie’s apartment, not too far from the bar. Tika, Caitlin, Michael, Tim, Casi, Clint, Amber, Allen, and a few others welcomed Cathy when she arrived. As if the night wasn’t perfect already, Cathy felt so grateful to spend the remainder of the morning with her best friends. Cathy enjoyed meeting Marie’s co-workers just as she appreciated meeting Michelle again and C-Mac. It’s a good thing Kooch decided to throw a party last minute. The holiday provided the opportunity for Cathy to reunite with other kindred spirits she hadn’t saw since before Christmas.

This morning, Cathy woke-up hangover free by the grace of God. After indulging in beer, champagne and margaritas, she expected to feel terrible. Keegan and his 2 friends (Wes and Dan) took a cab from the bar and crashed at the couple’s house. Chef Wang’s has become an unspoken tradition every time someone stays the night with Cathy and Keegan, so the group trudged to the buffet with eyes much larger than their stomachs. In an effort to stay awake after the food, Cathy immediately went to visit Casi for a quick trim. “New year, new me”, Cathy sarcastically reminded herself. For shits and giggles, the girl also showered with a new bar of soap, local of course.

By the time Cathy left JC Penny’s, her consuming sense of motivation led to cleaning the entire house, but that’s for another blog post. In the mean time, AFN’s author is adjusting to blogging in the third person. Scroll to review Cathy’s New Years Resolutions plus a few encouraging tidbits to continue feeling invigorated. And keep your eyes peeled for the next post coming soon: How to Welcome the New Year into Your Home.


1 Yoga or Hoop 3x per week

2 Read and finally dispose of the large stack of magazines

3 Use and dispose of all makeup/perfume samples (because she has SO MANY)

4 Eat breakfast every day

5 Maintain 4.0 Grade Point Average

6 Find a better job

7 Pursue new hobbies but not too many. Cathy would hate to feel like a “jack of all trades, master of none”. She looked forward to re-purposing windows last year, and the year before she made soaps, fragrant bath salts and candles. This year, Cathy wants to make something with her 28 piece Sharpie set her friend Matt gave her. Cathy also wants to use the rest of her Southwestern themed designer paper and learn how to paint eggs. In addition, the author possesses 3 large vases she wants to decorate with custom, fresh floral arrangements and maybe even get into nail art.

8 Make time for free Reiki Practice Sessions which take place once a week in Nashville.

9 Enter a food contest, some sort of bake-off challenge.

10 Take more opportunities to step outside comfort zone and meet new people.

11 Double the size of garden compared to last year and grow new things.

12 Memorize more stones and add to collection.

13 Visit long-distance family.

14 Study more genealogy information.

15 Camp somewhere new.

16 Spend more time with cats.

17 Learn more about astronomy and ancient history

18 Visit the Frist and learn more about the different eras of art

Hanging out at The Boro
Fortune from Chef Wang’s
Hair after the trim
New Sharpie Set
Local Soap
Nonchalant cat

Motivation-is-what-gets-you-started quotes


Do you have any New Years Resolutions in mind? Remember, the majority of Americans give up their resolutions on January 10th. Push yourself to make it past the 10th day and stay motivated to complete your goals!! Cathy feels confident that you can make it happen, as long as your dedication remains strong.