If you’ve stayed with this blog the last year as a loyal, dedicated reader, you might have noticed something different recently. Adventures, Aspirations and “Aha” Moments recently changed domains! Now you shall be redirected to AdviceFromNashville.com. It’s been fun documenting challenging New Years Resolutions, but I’m very eager and excited to begin 2014 with a counseling blog including peeks of my personal life.

Since the focus revolves around advice, I would like to hear from you guys! I already have a few focal points in mind, but I plan to write about psychological subjects, social work, alternative medicine, poverty, Chakra balancing techniques, family dynamics, and transitional phases in life. I also enjoy discussing uncomfortable subjects such as building self-esteem, overcoming mental health dilemmas, and facing your fears. From coping mechanisms to all-natural, holistic remedies, much will be addressed in 2014. So please let me know if you have a topic or question you would like to learn more about, and stay tuned for visual and conceptional changes coming soon. I would love to hear from readers, which would give me new ideas to research. 🙂