Between weddings, concerts and graduate school paperwork, these last few weeks flew by. My best friend married her love, and now the wedding is over. 6 months left ’till I’m a bridesmaid in my other friend’s wedding. Our 2 year anniversary is approaching, and I wonder if my time will come soon? We shall see.

I met Josh Homme, front man for Queens of the Stone Age, earlier this month. Last night I caught Nine Inch Nails, and security insisted we accept a courteous, free upgrade to the main floor, since so many tickets still remained. Needless to say, my friend and I were ecstatic.

On top of everything else, Halloween is around the corner. With only one party to attend Friday night and 4 additional shindigs on Saturday, I sure hope to make an appearance at every invite without catching a DUI.

So that’s about it. Hope everyone else is enjoying a hectic, delightful Halloween season.