My cat explored the porch this afternoon as I supervised nervously from the window. Junip the Huntress loves nothing more than killing prey and showing off as we noticed last winter with mice in the house. Feels cruel to leave her trapped indoors, especially now since we live so far from town. When Gnar Gnar (her roommate/step-sister) left to laze outside, the door remained cracked for my curious cat. Just as I suspected, she tip-toed past the door as she thought I wasn’t looking. When I greeted her outside, she scurried back in as if she was busted. I stayed on the stoop and gently coaxed her into the sun.

Since I have yet to bear children, this felt like my child taking her first steps. I rarely worry for Gnar Gnar since she can hold her own but Junip can be very……..arrogant and adventurous. The last thing I want is for my cat to become injured. Letting go of control raises anxious feelings, but I know she’s happier outside.

On a seemingly unrelated note, I keep replaying my favorite television quote: Andy from The Office on the Series Finale Episode. He says, “I wish there was a way to know we’re in the good ole days before we have actually left them”. Makes me cry every time. I feel this in the core of my heart and spirit with many friends, ones I keep in touch with and those I wish I still knew. Oh, the memories.

Today I live to savor these gratifying moments with Junip. Her inquisitive nature and sense of wonder and amazement reminds me to open my eyes. Could I be failing to recognize the good ole days I experience right now?

Does letting go have to be a struggle? How can we cultivate a stimulating environment without taking risks? I don’t think it’s possible.

Checking on Junip……..
She caught me watching
Sniffing around
Coming back out…
Worn out after 30 minutes of over-stimulating exploration