Flying S Farms turned out to be the perfect choice of competitors to feed me this summer; so far I have enjoyed nothing but amazing vegetables! A few foods, such as beets, garlic scapes and flying saucer squash sounded appealing since I had yet to try them. With New Years Resolutions revolving around creating new recipes (among many other goals), I am now up to my ears in new food items and dishes to experiment with. The variety in each basket continues to grow, encouraging me to learn about unique vegetables and new ways to cook items I am already familiar with. Thus, the next few blog posts will probably discuss a few of my newly discovered favorite recipes along with money saving tactics I’ve learned and developed this month.

First week: Garlic scapes, several types of lettuce including swiss chard, purple onions, fresh snap peas, plus free sample of extra virgin olive oil and homemade croutons
Second week: Cabbage, beets, garlic scapes, chives, lettuce, squash and cucumbers.
Third week: Cabbage, lettuce, beets, squash, flying saucer squash and cucumbers
Fourth week: Cabbage, squash, flying saucer squash, cucumbers and beets
Fifth week: Squash, flying saucer squash, cucumbers, TOMATOES, fresh snap peas and red cabbage
Sixth week: Purple cabbage, green cabbage, squash, flying saucer squash, tomatoes, snap peas, potatoes (very exciting), and beets

We love to receive the weekly baskets since the food is already paid for, which helps save money on groceries during the summer season. Ultimately, purchasing local produce ties in well with my July resolutions to save more and spend out what I already have. If anyone else is participating in a CSA, what’s in your basket?