Never understood the thrill of gardening until I began to participate this year. Just knowing I can grow my own food to feed and provide for myself feels liberating. Plus, I plan to share the produce with clients who don’t have access to healthy foods or can’t afford to eat well. I recall returning from vacation in May to the bean sprouts peeking through the soil, as I shrieked with joy, “I do have a green thumb!” Ever since then, my mission has been to keep these plants alive and thriving.

With such promising results and 26 tomatoes picked so far, I look forward to challenging myself next year by attempting to double my produce, ultimately feeding more people. While I didn’t expect this year’s first experience with gardening to yield such high amounts of food, I am grateful for an abundant amount of tomatoes, my favorite fruit.Β  This is just the tip of ice berg. Between these and the ones I receive through the CSA Baskets, I will be drowning in tomatoes pretty soon.

The rabbits at my previous roommate’s house ate the tops off my beans, peas and carrots, so I added more seeds and hoped for the best. Moving the boxes from one location to another felt nerve-wracking but all is well and the plants looks great. What I have learned is….your crops only do as well as the amount of work you put into them. The tedious process of watering the plants one pitcher at a time has been worth the reaped rewards. How is your garden faring? If you have extra produce, how do you get rid of it?