Signed up with Flying S Farms located in Woodbury, Tennessee to receive weekly baskets of produce as one of my New Years Resolutions. Community Supported Agriculture: Think global, act local.

Why support a CSA?

Bottom line, investing in a CSA supports concern for ethical and sustainable practices. Shared risk involves benefits on both ends, and the resulted feeling of “all for one, one for all” prevails.Ā  As the consumer, I’ve learned to appreciate my food in a way I never had before. Follow this link to learn more about shared risk. I recently discovered a TED Talk with a young child discussing why supporting farmers matters. Enjoy this five minute discussion presented by Birke Beahr.

The pleasure of networking with local efforts and connecting with other like-minded members in the community strengthen a sense of worthiness and belonging. Advice is shared. Questions are welcomed from preparing to cooking and storing the produce. In addition you’re directly supporting a farmer as they ultimately support you as well. Can’t derive this sense of connection from Walmart.

Accepting a basket full of surprises each week leads to trying a variety of new foods I would rarely or never pick up from the grocery store previously. I love knowing exactly where the food comes from, how it’s produced and when to expect it.Ā  Less frequent grocery trips could lead to a decline in unnecessary spending (Walmart Syndrome) while less exposure to unhealthy, processed foods in super markets offers more room to explore fresh, vitamin-packed foods.

Here’s a peek of the food I received on Wednesday, along with a few of photos of the meals they were used in.


The box included swiss chard, several types of lettuce, purple onions/scallions, garlic scapes, homemade sour dough croutons and a sample of extra virgin olive oil.


Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps with Bacon, of course


A bed of Swiss Chard with sauteed purple onions topped with Tilapia and Garlic Scapes. Loaded baked potato with fresh chives and steamed snap peasIMAG1889

The Monster Lettuce Wrap: Lettuce, Shredded Chicken Soaked in Lemon Juice with spices, bacon, tomatoes, feta and cucumber dill dip