While this is typically served as a Thanksgiving Necessity, nothing beats enjoying Pulled Pork as the weather warms up. Read ahead for an easy recipe with only 3 ingredients.

You Will Need:

 2 Lb Pork Shoulder

2 15.5 oz. cans of Cranberry Sauce (usually jellied)

1 32 oz, can pineapple juice


1. Adjust the heat setting: Low for 8 hours (preferred) or High for 4 hours

2. Place Pork in CrockPot

3. Dump can of pineapple juice with Pork

4. In a separate bowl, empty contents of Cranberry Jelly.

5. Mash until desired consistency is reached.

6. Add Jelly to the Pork and Pineapple Juice, mixing well with the juice.

7. Add the lid and check every few hours or so. (My dish simmered overnight, checked it 7 hours later, the pork was not burnt, hooray… But as a safety disclaimer, please keep an eye on the food!)

8. Drain the juice, but leave enough to keep the bbq “wet”.

9. Pull apart the pork and enjoy!!



Strained, Pulled and Ready to Eat!

Truly, this is one of my favorite foods. Any sort of BBQ recipe steals my attention above most; I tend to gravitate towards so-called Southern Delicacies. Savory, sweet and tender Pulled Pork served in a baked potato, loaded, always hits the spot. Likewise, adding seasoning and other ingredients could really spice things up. If anyone has BBQ recipes to share, please send them my way!!