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12 Additional Goals

The Happiness Project serves as the main guide for New Years Resolutions. However, I also decided to challenge myself with 12 additional goals for the year. Between the beginning of the year and now (May 2013), a few of these ideas have already been accomplished. Also, please read below for a brief synopsis concerning the first 4 months of this year.

1. 2 New recipes per month

*So far, so good –7/29/2013

2. 2 New movies per month

*I AM watching two movies a month, but need to hone in on specifics (“classic movies”, as in very popular films everyone has watched, but me) –7/29/2013

3. Create my own volunteer project Cleaning the Greenway located in Murfreesboro, TN

4. Peace Corp App

5. Finish reading unread books

*Finished reading a few so far but still have more to go –7/29/2013

6. Meditate everyday

*Slacked for the last few months, only meditating about once a week. Looking forward to meditation every day like the beginning of the year, starting in August.*

7. Learn to crochet Tried to learn in April, I suck at it, but will try again in the near future

8. Completely eliminate road rage Still occasional problem, but hardly any incidents since March

9. Give away as much junk as possible Major sweep through in January, rid the closet of 32 shirts in one night

10.  Sign up for CSA Signed up with Flying S Farms in April, very exciting!

11. Garden  Planted 2 Tomato Plants in April, along with 2 different type of beans (5 of each) , 1 five set of peas, 5 carrots, 3 onions and 1 garlic bulb, all from seed except for the bulb.

12. Complete and stick with The Happiness Project—a work in progress


Vitality- Boost Energy

1.      Go to sleep earlier

a.       Drink more tea before bed

b.      Meditate

c.       Develop a “bed time routine”

2.      Exercise better

a.       Just exercise. Do anything.

b.      Walk twice a week, for now, until it warms up

3.      Toss, Restore and Organize

a.       This is where things got a little crazy

b.      Ridding the closet of heaps of clothing (32 shirts to be exact)

c.       Clearing out the top of closet

d.      New organizing strategies = less clutter, more happiness

4.      Tackle a nagging task

a.       Clearing out 5 years worth of paperwork from filing cabinet

b.      Eliminating paper piles around the house

5.      Act more energetic

a.       Fake it till you make it

b.      Avoid the urge to resist waking up. (Double negative)

6.      Chakra Balancing

a.       Revitalize and restore the root chakra (plus exercise is known to cure any blockage issues with the root)

b.      Strengthen the solar plexus, which will ultimately allow me to make better decisions, thus leading me to a more positive path


Remember Love- Boyfriend

1.      Quit nagging

a.       Let the small things go

b.      If you want it done right, do it yourself

2.      Don’t expect praise or appreciation

a.       “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching”—Oprah

b.      Don’t nag for additional praise if your gratitude for your own actions is enough.

c.       “You have to do the work for yourself. When you do so for yourself, you don’t expect others to react in a certain way”—Happiness Project

3.      Fight Right

a.       Choose your battles wisely

b.       http://motivatingmemes.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/wayne-dyer-quote-2-480×320.jpg

4.      No Dumping

a.       In other words, complain to someone else!

b.      Find a separate outlet for venting

c.       Leave 3 things unsaid each day (My Favorite February Advice)


Aim Higher- Work

1.      Launch a blog

a.       This advice was in direct accordance with the author’s passion, which is writing. I decided to launch a casual “arts n crafts” blog, currently under construction, but coming soon.

b.      Rather than just launch a blog (that has nothing to do with my career), I decided to review old Social Work Text Books I saved from MTSU, to refresh my memory and evaluate how much information had been retained through the years.

2.      Enjoy the fun of failure

3.      Ask for help

4.      Work smart

5.      Enjoy now

April: Eat Well!

1. Find ways to love the foods I hate

2. No meat, ice cream or alcohol for 30 days

3. Sign up for CSA

4. At least one new recipe every week

May: Have fun!

31 Days of Fun Challenge


5 thoughts on “12 Additional Goals

  1. I’m glad you found my blog, Cathy, and thanks for a) liking my post “When mom’s away…” and for following me. I’m awed that you are able to write so much. It’s all I can do to post one blog a week. Maybe when I cut back on work hours….


    1. Oh girl, trust me, no dumb questions, took me DAYS to figure out this site lol..click on edit (either your page or post, this is a page) then at the top you see where you can make words bold or italic? Next to that is ABC with a line through it, highlight whatever you want and select the ABC button with a slash through it


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